Cape Hatteras Inshore Fishing Charters

Veteran Cape Hatteras native and expert fishing guide Capt. Rick Scarborough would like to invite you to join him on the Outer Banks for the best sound side light tackle fishing imaginable anywhere on the entire East Coast! The incredibly fertile inshore waters in and around Cape Hatteras Inlet offer excellent light tackle fishing opportunities from April to November. Some years we do well even into December. Depending on the season, we will be fishing for Speckled Trout, Red Drum, Cobia, Bluefish, Weakfish (Gray Trout), Spanish Mackerel and Flounder. Our catch ratio for all these species is amazing.

As each season progresses, the different species will become our main focus. So please check our Species/Seasons Page for a better understanding of which species are most prolific during the periods you would like to fish. However, if you have a specific species you would like to target instead, just let Capt. Scarborough know ahead of time so he can prepare and bring the proper tackle and/or bait.

Capt. Scarborough will supply you with the best quality light fishing tackle for your charter plus you won't even need to purchase a fishing license while fishing on Speck-Tackler because it is provided by the boat. If you would like to try your fly fishing gear, bring it along and let Rick know ahead so he can make room for keeping it safe.

Speck-Tackler Inshore Charters proudly supports tourism for anglers in all our Hatteras Island Villages including Hatteras, Frisco, Buxton, Avon, Rodanthe, Waves and Salvo.

Spring fishing on the Outer Banks landed this huge cobia for this angler.

Yes, We Charter For Cobia Too!

As our Outer Banks inshore, near shore and sound side coastal waters warm in mid May to June and early summer months, hungry ravenous Cobia migrate their way up the coast from their southern wintering grounds. Some aggressive Cobia will even make their way inside the Cape Hatteras Inlet. The best way to stay on top of when it is happeming each season is to monitor our Cape Hatteras and Pamlico Sound fishing reports. We will (your choice) anchor and toss out bait or use our tower and sight cast for voracious roaming schools of greedy insatiable Cobia which we'll often see in schools of a half a dozen or so or singles, pairs and triples. These early Cobia weigh in size from 20 pounds to sometimes well over a 100 pounds! The North Carolina Cobia state weight record since June 2006 was an oversized beast weighed in at an amazing 116.8 pounds! That's the 4th largest so far in the entire world ever caught on a rod and reel. Click to read this article about the awesome Cobia fishing here at the Outer Banks.

  • Young angler holding a giant Red Drum caught at Hatteras Inlet.
  • Speck-Tackler catch of limit of Red Drum.
  • Couple staying in Avon, NC showing off large Gray Trout.
  • Pretty young lady angler showing off a Speckled Trout she caught.
  • Family visiting Hatteras holding their inshore charter catch.
  • Man holding up large Hatteras Cobia caught on Speck-Tackler.
  • Angler staying in Avon with large Hatteras Speckled Trout.
  • Lady angler holding huge Red Drum she caught at Hatteras Inlet.
  • Pretty young lady angler displays her large Weakfish caught on an inshore charter.
  • Pretty young lady angler holding nice Cobia with Capt. Scarborough.

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